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A Beautiful Location, Conveniently located in the Napa Valley

We are dedicated helping people overcome problems with alcohol, drug or other substance abuse.  Started over 40 years ago we have helped over 34,000 guests from all parts of California and the country. We have:

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide the highest quality treatment for an affordable rate.  We offer 28 day programs in a private room for under $11,000 and even lower rates for shared occupancy.  Click to view our full rate schedules.

Our facility is situated on a 22 acre former resort outside Calistoga, California, just two hours north of San Francisco. Located at the foot of Mt. St. Helena in the Napa Valley, this serene setting is an integral part of our overall therapeutic environment.

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Our History

Gene Duffy Sr. Founder of Duffys Myrtledale

Gene Duffy Sr. started Myrtledale in 1967 to help alcoholics find the joy of recovery that he had found. We provide residential treatment programs for drug, alcohol and prescription drugs. We have Through certified counselors. From its inception, the goal has been to help guests physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and restoration.


In April 1990, out of options, I called Duffy's for help. 28 days later I had a new way of living, thanks to Duff, the grotto, and 35 drunks with less than 30 days sober. Seventeen years later I still carry Duffy's simple approach to sobriety with me everywhere I go. And I quote Duffy in meetings all the time! Thank God for AA, Gene Duffy, and my Myrtledale home. - Barry C, Grass Valley, CA

Knew I was alcoholic but I fought off AA for many years until I was dragged all the way from my home in London to Duffy's in March 1999. Following a supervised detox, I sat down in the Duffy's dining room for my first AA meeting. I have not had a drink since that day.

I am grateful to the staff and my fellow 'inmates' for starting my recovery with those 28 days of crucial baby steps. - Bob R.

On April 18, 1991, I checked into Duffys, had to use that day to get out of bed so clean date is April,19 1991. Just celebrated 16 years. Somehow you convinced me on what to do to stay clean after the 28 days. I pretty much followed all your suggestions and not only stayed clean, but have lived a dream life ever since. Gene Sr. was alive then and I am honored to have been able to spend time with him.
Thank you, Fred S. - Read more from our guestbook

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Duffy's Myrtledale located in Calistoga, California less than an hour from Napa or Santa Rosa and  surrounded by the natural beauty of the Napa Valley has been counseling alcoholics & addicts and helping them change for the better for over forty years.  Started by Gene Duffy, himself a recovering alcoholic it has provided help for thousands of guests through personal counseling, a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere and caring attitude.

3076 Myrtledale Road
Calistoga, CA 94515
Phone - 888~208~8121